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Innovative Digital Reporting

Environment-friendly reporting solutions for your business and organisation.

Our Interactive Green Reports™

Our Green Reports™ digital service has everything you need to build an outstanding environmentally friendly and interactive document for all your publications.

Highly Customisable
Our interactive document options, features and enhancements are well thought out, allowing fast and easy customisation to your requirements.
Feature Rich
Our digital service has everything you need to build an outstanding HTML reporting site for your environmental business or project with the ability to add links, images and video.
Compatible with all modern browsers
Simple, easy to share and works with any browser, as our offering is a digital solution powered by HTML. No struggles with downloading or trying to email a large PDF-file.
Track and Analyse
Our reports are fully data enabled allowing you to track and analyse user experience including search terms, time on site, and full user experience.
Accessibility Enabled
We want to make your documents available for everyone. Our software can integrate a screen reader and audio button for the visually impaired.
Fully Responsive Reporting
We offer an opportunity to maximise viewing across all devices and enable compatible interactive features on mobile such as embedded videos and relevant links.
Create customised downloadable pdf
The PDF page add feature allows users to quickly and easily add pages to a customized selection of pages and download or share this as a PDF.
Intelligent Search Feature
This enables users to search for key terms or phrases, especially useful in lengthy copy dense documents with word highlights on key pages for easy access.
Enhanced Sharing
Our inbuilt share buttons enable users to easily and quickly email and share your interactive document across various social media platforms.
Optimised for SEO
We ensure that it is optimised for SEO to maximise organic search results in Google.
Social Media Marketing
We can offer enhanced and ongoing strategic SEM and SEO campaigns to successfully generate leads and greater engagement.
Security Features
Our documents are securely hosted and managed to ensure the integrity of the document and its contents.

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