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South Metro Connect

“Not only did the online PER make our lives, as well as those of communities and stakeholders, a lot easier, but it was also a pleasure to work with the Interactive Investor team, who were highly professional, friendly and customer service focused. They bent over backwards to accommodate our requests, where possible, and worked diligently to provide us with the best possible outcome in a timely manner.”
(Community & Stakeholder Engagement Manager, South Metro Connect)

One of the key project milestones was the production and public release of the project’s Public Environmental Review (PER) document, which took over 18 months to produce through an extensive environmental survey program. The 700-page report, with 25 appendices (totalling over 3,500 pages), needed to be publicly accessible for a 12 week public comment period. While the project needed to make printed copies of the 700-page report available, a viable online solution was essential to discourage printing of the large document, which was not in keeping with the project’s principles of sustainability.

We were able to quickly ascertain SMC’s needs and developed a successful online environment for the PER and its appendices, which were viewed via horizontal, sliding tabs, with each contents page heading being hyperlinked to the relevant page in each document. This customised approach was tailored to SMC’s needs and impressed the client with its uniqueness and accessibility, especially with such a complex media. The interactive documents include a professional, inviting and stylish home page, themed with the key messages of the project, along with a separate PDF download area.

The ease of viewing the document meant that the project disseminated few printed copies of the report, a direct benefit in terms of time and cost efficiency, and for the environment. SMC also had no queries on the online navigation of the document, another time and cost saving. Overall, this approach provided SMC with a more user friendly, cost effective and sustainable solution, allowing their key information to be accessed by stakeholders in a more timely and seamless manner.

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